We rent BBQ grills and utensils.

  • Bring in your favorite meat and veggies for your family.
  • Bring in your favorite drinks and desserts.
  • Please present your receipt .

Just in case you need prepared veggies

  • We can offer you already cut out veggies for 500 yen per person.
  • The vegetable we offer are potatoes, carrots,green peppers and onions to grill.
  • You need to reserve 3 days advance for veggies.

Safety Tips

  • The grill should be placed only on tile area.
  • Use the fence gate to keep pets and Kids away.
  • Never leave the grill unattended.


  • NO BBQ when strong wind make fires hazardous.
  • NO charcoal fluid or any other flammable liquids to the fire
  • NO fire starting other than rented charcoal chimney starter.

BBQ Grills and utensils rented.

2~5 persons for 2500yen

6~10 persons for 5000yen

for first 3.5 hours.

Plates, cups, cutlery and seasonings


  • We promote ‘ Food loss’ goal in our community.
  • We provide locally harvested vegetables grown with less pesticides.
  • Our food waste are cut into small pieces and put in a compost to contribute to reducing CO2.