Enjoyable place with

  • BBQ pit
  • Cafe
  • Pools

Features: Focusing on Safety

  • Double-gated safe entrance, and fenced all around.
  • You are responsible for your dogs’ safety at all times.
  • Make sure to be leashed when entering and exiting the spot.
More than 2 m high
  • Enclosure: Fully Fenced.
  • Fence’s height: 2 meters
  • No gaps or holes in the fence

Quality time for the members

☆ Summer use with a large pool.

Eating area ☆ Open Cafe style

BBQ grills and others rented.

K’s cafe offers Curry and Rice set

or You can bring in party plates !

Relaxing atmosphere

All relaxing chairs and cot included

Summer use

  • Kids should be attended all the time.
  • We provide other pools for infants and kids.

Safe ground for pets

  • Fertilizer free
  • Pesticide free
  • Artificial grass all around

Fresh running water is available for pets inside the run.

A Tatami room to relax after the meal time.

Chairs available

A work space is behind the screen.

  • Dad or Mom can finish up their business here!

A private locker for your security.

Night hours during hot Summer


You can enjoy fireworks at night.

Excessive explosion or loud fireworks are not allowed.

Flat access and slopes

Universally designed for a wheel chair user.